We checked out the Amazing Costumes exhibit at the Children's Museum.  This one was designed for Batman, but modeled by Batboy
Yep... he's been working out
She looks all cozy and peaceful, beached here on my lap, doesn't she?
The head-to-belly ratio here is pretty impressive (or embarrassing)
Enough with the fat cat jokes, apparently.  Her patience wore a little too thin and she tried to smack me
Welcome to spring in Indiana.  Blech
Surrounded by girls and dresses and pink things, David tries out Pin The Bow On Hello Kitty
That's our boy!  He gave the pinata three whacks and the candy came pouring out
Fortunately, being the one to break open the pinata gave him less time to dive for the candy, which meant he wasn't able to grab as much, which was bad for him but good for us
Happy Birthday, Lillianna!  David came home from school a few weeks ago and said, "Lillianna is going to have a Hello Kitty cake at her birthday, and I guess I'm OK with that."  Well, thank <i>goodness</i> he approved!
Look at our little Hoosier, playing Buckeye cornhole!  Of course it's easy when you're standing two feet from the hole.  Next try taking ten giant steps backwards and tossing the bag with a beer in one hand (the way cornhole should be played)
Mom's Newport Bridge (a belated Christmas gift)
One of two cardinal panels in the works for Elizabeth, a volunteer at the IMA
God Bless Carol... she counted all 158 of David's Matchbox cars with him
Daffodils brighten up "the point"
I kept telling him to "turn around!" and he thought I was going to do something to him.  It took me three or four tries to finally convince him to turn around and look. out. the. front. door, where Carol was patiently waiting
Mom was little surprised, too
It's too bad nobody in this photo is happy or enjoying the surprise
Enjoying a picnic at the SeaScape clubhouse on Tuesday.  This was the first time sun had touched our bare skin since October
Could these dudes get any cooler?
Karen and Ben enjoy some after-school time together
I cannot get over Ben.  Upright.  Walking.
Thunder Thighs works on rehydrating after a long day of calisthenics
Alan models the latest fashions in feline haberdashery
Fine.  I admit it.  Tuesday morning, I cheated on Beansprout with Nibbler.  and I don't regret it, either
In honor of Spirit Week at Ben's school, he's all ready for "Tacky Day" or something like that.  Figures... Daddy dressed him
Now, if Gus had actually <i>written</i> something with the mechanical pencil before eating it, then I would have been impressed
So there we were, enjoying our coffee along the waterfront in downtown Wilmington, and all of a sudden, we heard fire sirens coming from the river.  A moment later, <i>this</i> is what showed up, chugging along with sirens on and lights flashing
Coolest. Fireboat. Ever.
Oh, yeah.  and then there was a big paddleboat with all these Azalea princesses getting ready for the Azalea Festival, but whatever.  Did you see the fireboat?
Flying the turtle kite was fun, but David wasn't as impressed because this wasn't a stunt kite like Cappy's
Some people were walking along the beach and David stopped to talk with them.  They handed him something, and he came running up to us, saying, "That lady gave me crabs!"  Awesome.  Fortunately, it was only <i>one</i> crab, and it was dead.
He demonstrates the very precise science of making muddy sand
They quickly determined that steering the stunt kite is not, in fact, a two-person job (especially when one of those people still has trouble telling his left from his right)
Carol rescues the stunt kite after it took a nose dive
The stunt kite is pretty fun!
Thank goodness he had his claws to help drag himself up this terribly steep hill
Hello, random gentlemen.  I am going to disrupt your afternoon bocce tournament
Geocache #1, near the bridge and ProCo
I am sure people thought we were nuts, poking around outside a mostly abandoned car wash for Geocache #2
Cache #3...very, very tiny
So, that .   I forgot about sun safety and ended up very burned on arms, legs, face, and feet
About to embark on a ferry ride to Bald Head Island
Mama in her sun bonnet, David in SPF 50
He was very excited to distinguish the passenger ferry from the truck ferry.  Ironic, that the semi says "driven"
"Old Baldy", the lighthouse on Bald Head Island
We did one of two things there are to do on Bald head Island: rent golf carts and drive around.  David got to steer most of the time.  It was scary, trust me
Look at me!  I'm on the beach!
First thing I told him when we got to the sand: don't go in the water.  
Second thing I told him: don't get wet.
The view Carol and I had out of the back of the golf cart.  We spent most of the day seeing where we'd been (rather than where we were going)
A view from the bottom
One of the views from the top of Old Baldy, 108 steep steps upwards
He'd been talking for at least a year about wanting to go up in a lighthouse, so here we are
Getting in and out of the very top was a little cozy.  I barely fit
Taking a pit stop on the stairs
At the bottom looking up
There were some pretty awesome trees out here
If the ferry captain had seen how David steered the golf cart on land, he would have never let this kid in his chair on the bridge.  This just about made David's day, though.  I think it was the wish for "fair winds and following seas" that charmed him
Someone had a long, exciting day
Yay, Mrs. Mallard!
The Easter Bunny visited David at Nana and Cappy's house.
He kept saying, "I'm really good at this!", but the truth is that he almost stepped on one egg and needed our help for just about every other egg than had been hidden.
We finally caught up with the source of the white feathers all over the highway
Kind of makes me think twice about buying another Butterball ever again
Celebrating a well-earned frosty mug after a hard day of yard work