I took David for a pre-Lenten Mardi Gras blowout.  I'd been wanting a hot fudge sundae for a long time.  There it is
This has sprouted in our garden.  I don't think we should eat it, even though it's growing where the lettuce was last year
I don't know what he was doing, but it involved a small shovel, a PVC pipe, an okra stalk from last season, and some mud
This kind of gardening requires precision and skill
He takes his craft very seriously
Hey!  I'm so excited about this old stalk with an enormous clot of dirt on the end of it that I'm going to bring it inside the kitchen that Mommy <i>just vacuumed</i>!
Now I'm gonna shake it all over the kitchen floor, just to make sure I didn't leave any dirt on the patio, which was also recently swept.  Oh wait, yes I did
I hijacked the crayons at the Dr. Seuss Birthday Party at the library on Tuesday night and threw in some spirit in honor of Team Sherry
<i>This</i> is a backseat full of trouble.  We took all the boys out for dinner and a movie on Friday night.  Jacob only looks momentarily bummed because he had to sit in the middle
And in my 2011 Roller Derby debut, I helped David for the three or four laps around the skating rink that he tolerated before throwing his skates on the floor in a tantrum and declaring himself done
Tariq was a good sport about skating.  David...not so much
Oh, the manners just shine at birthday parties
20 minutes before this, he was hysterical and screaming on the floor.  After the party, he said, "That was a <i>really</i> fun birthday party!"  I'm glad he had a good time
I want one of these for grown-ups at my next birthday party.  And then I want to be the only one who gets to go in it
6/7 of this cake was frosting.  The kids thought it was <i>awesome</i>
This "uniform" is a) astronaut, b) scuba diver, c) ant studier, d) fire fighter, and e) "cool guy".  At least that's what he could remember when he explained it to me.  I'm not exactly sure how I would have explained it to the neighbors
Here is David in his secret fort.  Unfortunately, this is also Gus's secret fort
It was apparently really fun to put the bike on the rock and then let it fall down
He's doing some minor repair work
I know we do this every spring, but we're just so excited to see some spring!
We're not sure if he was trying to start a fire or make some sort of carving or what, but he was very dedicated
He had a rough day...we took him for a long walk and that seemed to do him in
David kicks it old school.  Next we're going to get him a big clock to hang from his chains, Flava Flav style